Precautions Related to Live Parts On Panasonic Modular Placement Machine BM231 BM221

Panasonic KME Panasert BM123 BM221 BM231 44mm Emboss FAE4400MA30 SMT Motorized Feeder side b

Model No.



A critical volume of electricity is fed to the following parts in the interior and periphery of the machine.


X,Y-axis AC servomotor driver: 200V AC

X,Y-axis regeneration unit: 200V AC

S-axis AC servomotor driver: 200V AC

R-axis AC servomotor driver (Option): 200V AC

SSR: 100V AC

Main controller: 200V AC

Main power switch: 200V – 480V AC

Noise filter: 200V – 480V AC

DC power supply: 200V AC

ZNR board: 200V AC

Global transformer: 200V, 220V, 380V, 400V, 420V, 480V AC

Breaker, contactor: 200V AC

H, θ-axis: 36V, 5V DC


Recognition monitor: 100V AC

Printer (Option): 100V AC