Philips Assembleon A-Series AX-501 AX-301 AX-201 Placement Machine SMT Feeders List

Twin bulk feeder
For feeding capacitors and resistors in bulk case
Available feeder types: C0201, RC0402, RC0603, RC0805, MELF0604, Melf0805

Single tray feeder
Single tray components, maximum of 30 JEDEC trays

Intelligent tape feeder (ITF2/ITF3)
From 8 mm to 88 mm tapes

Twin tape feeder 8 mm (TTF)
Doubles the capacity of 8 mm tapes

Surftape feeder 8 mm
For bare die products
Sizes from 0,3 x 0,3 mm to 2,5 x 2,5 mm
Presented in chip on board direction

Label feeder
For feeding pre-printed labels

Waffl e pack feeder
For bare die products, sizes from 1 x 1 mm
Waffl e pack sizes 2 x 2″ and 4 x 4″

Stick feeder
For feeding SMD components in stick
Available types: SO8 to PLCC100, generic and customized

Single wafer feeder
For bare die products
Sizes from 0,5 x 0,5 mm
Direct from wafer in fl ip-chip and chip on board mode

GPAX 2400 Ultraflex feeder
For feeding odd-form components supplied in GPAX carriers

Radial feeder
For through-hole radial components
Available for 12,7 mm and 15 mm radial tapes

Device programming feeder (Data I/O)
For inline programming and feeding of memory devices (NOR and NAND Flash, M-Systems Disk on Chip, microcontrollers)

Can pick and place a large variety of odd-form components
Custom grippers available on request
Kit available to make own gripper design

Assembleon Philips AX 201 AX 301 AX 501 ACM GEM Xi FCM II TTF Intelligent Twin Tape Feeder R1 Double Dual lane 946602657001 PA 2657 00