Part 1 – Alarm Display: A.020 of Sony SI-209 IC Mounter

Alarm Display: A.020.

Alarm Name: Parameter Checksum Error 1.

Situation at Alarm Occurrence: Occurred when the control power supply was turned ON.

Cause: The control power supply lowered and sometimes ranged from 30 VAC to 60 VAC. Correction Action: Correct the power supply, and set Fn005 to initialize the parameter.

Cause: The power supply was turned OFF while changing the parameter setting. Correction Action: Set Fn005 to initialize the parameter and input the parameter again.

Cause: The number of times that parameters were written exceeded the upper limit. For example, the parameter was changed every scan through the host controller, or The SERVOPACK EEPROM and the related circuit are faulty. Correction Action: Replace the SERVOPACK.