List of Options of Fuji CP-842E CP-842ME High-Speed Chip Placer

Category: A

1. Extended Support for Various PCB Thicknesses: Support for PCBs thinner than 0.5 mm (0.3 mm minimum) is available and Support for PCBs thicker than 5.0 mm (3.0 mm minimum, 6.0 mm maximum) is also available.

2. Automatic Conveyor Width Change (under development): A motor is used to change the conveyor width based on the PCB size specified in the program.

3. Roller Conveyor (under development): A roller conveyor is required when the total weight of the PCB (including a supporting pallet) is between one and two kilograms.

4. Support for Removable Pallet (CP-842ME): A removable pallet system allows for the batch changeover of feeders. It also allows for off-line changeover in combination with spare pallets, PCU (Pallet Change Unit) and the Pallet Storage Unit.

Category: A or B

1. Support for 0402 (01005) parts: Placement of 0402 (01005) parts is available by replacing the lens unit of the narrow view camera with the dedicated one.

2. Feeder Verification System: The quick verification function is designed to prevent feeder and part set up mistakes. The parts administration functions assist operators using warnings when part resupply and feeder maintenance are necessary.

Category: B or C

1. PCB Support: Back-up pins (standard type), Vacuum back-up pins (under development), Shock free back-up plate, Soft backup (under development)

Category: C

1. Movable Reel Set Stand: Equipped with casters and height adjuster, this stand allows operators to set part reels on up to two feeders at one time, either next to the machine or at the pallet storage unit.

2. Nozzles: Spare nozzles

3. Feeders: The CP-842E/842ME can be loaded with tape (8 to 32 mm) and bulk feeders. The machine can use the same feeders as CP-7-series machines.

4. Feeder Stand: The feeder stand is a three tier shelf designed to accommodate unused or spare tape and bulk feeders.

Note: The optional features offered on the CP-842E/842ME are classified into three categories depending on where they are installed.

A: Options which are ordered along with the machine and installed at the factory.

B: Options which can be installed on-site by Fuji technicians.

C: Options which can be installed on-site by the customer.