Explanation of Terminologies For Samsung Component Placer CP45NEO Series

Samsung Advanced Flexible Component Placer CP-Series CP45F or FV CP45FS or FSV CP45F or FV/L CP45FS or FSV/L NEO

The machine models are CP45F NEO, CP45FV NEO, CP45FSNEO, CP45FSV NEO, CP45F-L NEO, CP45FV-L NEO, CP45FSL NEO and CP45FSV-L NEO, and CP45F-L NEO, CP45FV-L NEO, CP45FS-L NEO and CP45FSV-L NEO are large-sized PCB models.(The Large PCB Model).


Refers to a process that transmits the coordinate of a point on the machine using a teaching camera (fiducial camera).


Refers to a device that is used for teaching. Teaching can be done by means of a beam (a type of laser point) rather than a camera.

Head Assembly

Consists of the head body that supports the mechanisms or pneumatic devices belonging to the head assembly, spindle, driving motor, and flying vision assembly, as well as a fiducial camera that recognizes the shape of a component.


Refers to the discrepancy to be compensated when the set coordinate is different from the actually applied coordinate.

Array PCB

Refers to the PCB in which small PCBs of identical pattern are arrayed.

Binary Mode (Binary Image)

Refers to the mode that represents the vision image in black and white.

Local Part Library

Refers to the database containing profile data of components registered by the user while working after installation of the MMI.

Standard Part DB

Refers to the database containing profile data of standard components that are installed automatically during installation of the MMI.

Component Pocket

In the case of the tape feeder, the reel containing a roll of component tape and components is mounted in the tape feeder. The component tape is divided into two types: transfer tape containing components and cover tape sealing the component tape so that components do not escape. The component pocket here designates the transfer tape pocket.

Gray Level

Refers to a particular degree of black and white image, which varies from an image consisting of absolute black and white.


Refers to the value of normally occurred error that can be allowed. Even though the certain result value does not match with the set value accurately, if it is within the allowable error range, it can be considered acceptable.


ASC is a 7 bit code for interchanging information that is standardized in the USA. The file created according to the ASCII code standard is called ASCII file.

SSA Format

Refers to a type of file developed by Samsung Techwin, which is compatible to machines manufactured by Samsung Techwin in storing various types of information related to the PCB file.

Software Limit

Limits the movement of the head assembly by setting the movement limit range by software in the MMI, rather than by mechanism.

Calibration Plate

Refers to one of the tools used to perform calibration.