Error Code: 200 / 201 on KNS Philips Assembleon ACM

Assembleon Philips AX 201 AX 301 AX 501 ACM GEM Xi FCM II TTF Intelligent Twin Tape Feeder R1 Double Dual lane 946602657001 PA 2657 00

Error Code:200

Error Text: Unknown error detected.

Description: The occurred error is unknown to the system.

Cause: Mismatch between controllers or software layers.

Solution: Report error to your service representative. Make a logdisk as described in the Service Manual.

Error Code:201

Error Text: Illegal recovery action.

Description: Requested operation failed because specified order does not exist.

Cause: The selected recovery action can not be applied for this kind of error.

Solution: Wrong display of possible recovery actions. Try another recovery action.