Error Code: 109 / 110 / 111 / 112 on KNS Philips Assembleon ACM

Error Code: 109

Error Text: Order creation failed
Description:The system cannot create the order.
Cause: Incorrect data entered.
Solution: Check if all entered parameters are correct.

Error Code:110

Error Text: Maximum number of orders exceeded
Description:The maximum number of orders that the system can handle, has been reached.
Cause: Too many orders in the system.

  • Delete one or more orders.
  • Retry the creation of the order.
  • Error Code: 111

    Error Text: No order available
    Description:The system requires an order, before this action is possible.
    Cause: No order present.

  • Create an order.
  • Retry the action.
  • Error Code: 112

    Error Text: Errors in action spec parsing and validation
    Description:The action spec used in the order contains errors or does not match the machine configuration.

  • Incorrect syntax in action spec.
  • Mismatch between machine configuration and action spec.
  • Solution:

  • Inspect the error messages that have been added to the action spec.
  • Correct the action spec.
  • Adjust the machine configuration.
  • Try to re-enter the order.