ASM Siplace(Siemens) C&P20 Head Introduction and Overview

The C&P20 head functions according to the collect & place principle and has 20 segments.

The C&P20 head is suitable for configuration at any machine in the X-series.

New technical features
– DP axes
– Z-axis linear motor
– Vacuum principle
– Component sensor
– Digital component/PCB camera

Greater placement capacity
Greater error tolerance during operation
Improved robustness
increased MTBF value (Mean time between failure)

Technical Data
Component spectrum 0201 – 2220, melf’s, SOT, SOD, component size up to 6×6 mm and max. height of 4mm
Bare dies, flip chip, CSP’s depending on the component size, placement forces and accuracy requirement
Placement accuracy +/- 50μm (4 sigma)
Placement force 2.0N +/-0.5N, 3.5N and 4.5N +/-1N
Weight approx. 4.7kg
Maximum component weight 1 g
The cycle time of the C&P 20 head is < 70ms