Alarm code: A.CC0. Alarm Name: Multi-turn Limit Disagreement on Sony SI-F209 Electronic Part Mounter

Sony SI-F209 Odd And Fine Components Placer

Alarm Display: A.CC0

Alarm Name: Multi-turn limit disagreement

Situation at Alarm Occurrence: Occurred when the control power supply was turned ON.

Cause: The parameter settings for the SERVOPACK are incorrect.
Corrective Actions: Correct the setting of Pn205 (0 to 65535).

Cause: The multi turn limit value for the encoder is not set or was changed.
Corrective Actions: Execute Fn013 at the occurrence of alarm.

Situation at Alarm Occurrence: Occurred during operation.

Cause: A SERVOPACK board fault occurred.
Corrective Actions: Replace the SERVOPACK