8.7.3 Replacing Feeders for 8.7 Resupplying Parts During Production of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

Fujitrax Verfier issues parts out warnings based upon the user specified settings. When a parts out warning occurs and the feeder is to be replaced, the operator has time to get a new reel, set it on the replacement feeder, and create an ID or perform a quick verify. Once these steps are performed, when the NXT machine announces that the parts have run out, the feeder can be quickly replaced. The machine checks to ensure that the parts are correct and if they are, the feeder status is automatically changed and the feeder can be used.

When using AVL data, this is the method that must be currently used for splicing if the replenishment part has a different part number to the original part.

1. A parts out warning is issued and seen from one of the various locations, the NXT operation panel, from one of the Kit Manager status displays, or from the Kit Handy Parts Status or Device Check screens.

2. Obtain a new reel of matching parts and load them on a new feeder.

3. Create an ID using Kit Manager or Kit Handy (an ID must be created if using AVL data and the part number is different than the original part) or quick verify the parts and feeder using Kit Manager or Kit Handy. Due to this step, when the feeder is set on the machine, the machine will be able to determine the part loaded on the feeder.

4. Set the feeder near the machine.

5. The old feeder runs completely out of parts and warnings are issued on the NXT operation panel, Kit Manager, or Kit Handy. Once the set OK LED for the old feeder changes to red, remove the old feeder.

Note: When removing feeders, it is essential that the clamp lever is raised all of the way and kept in that condition when the feeder is pulled out. If the clamp lever is not completely raised, it is possible that the power to the feeder is not disconnected. If the feeder is removed with power still being supplied, the connector can become bad and the internal feeder board can be damaged.

Note: The machine does not need to be stopped to remove a tape feeder.

6. Set the new feeder that had the ID created with the parts already loaded in the old feeder slot. If the parts are correct, the feeder status automatically changes and the feeder can be used.