8.6 Checking the Device Statuses of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

From Kit Manager or Kit Handy, it is possible to check the current condition of the devices on the machine. Follow the procedures below to check the devices on the machine.

8.6.1 Using Kit Manager

1. Open Kit Manger by using the shortcut in the start up menu.

2. Enter a user ID and then enter the appropriate password and service name for the master database.

3. Click [OK] and Kit Manager starts.

4. Double-click the factory folder in the left pane. The lines for this factory display.

5. Double-click the line with the NXT to be checked. The machines for that line display.

6. Select the NXT machine for which to check. The right pane changes to display the devices for the machine. Scroll through the devices to check the different positions. It is also possible to sort the devices based upon a heading by double-clicking that heading.

8.6.2 Using Kit Handy

By following the procedures below, all of the feeders for the selected machine displays. In addition, if a parts out warning occurs, these warnings are also displayed in the Parts Status screen for all machines for which the user is registered.

1. Start the Fuji Information Terminal and tap the Windows mark to display the [Start Menu]. Tap [Kit Handy] to display the [Log on] screen.

2. Enter the user ID and tap [OK]. It is possible to also scan the user ID. The Kit Handy menu displays. The bottom of the screen will display special icons if any parts warnings or machine errors have occurred on the machines for which the user logged in is registered.

3. Tap [Device Check] and the machine specification screen displays.

4. Enter or scan the name of the NXT machine for which to check and tap [OK]. The screen changes to display the condtions of the current devices. Scroll through the list to check the different positions.