8.2.1 Installing And Setting Up The Central Server For 8.2 Required Items Of 8. Fujitrax Verifier on FUJI NXT

FUJI_NXT Scalable SMT Placement Platform

The Central Server requires no special installation steps when installing the Kit Server.

This software is automatically installed when a compatible Kit Server version is installed on a computer. In addition, this software should always be running whenever the computer is on because it is a service. A few configuration settings must be specified.

1. Open the Fuji Central Server Settings program by using the shortcut in the start up menu. When selected, the [Fuji Central Server Settings] dialog box is displayed.

2. Enter “FUJIADMIN” in the [User ID] text box and then enter the appropriate password for this user ID.

3. Enter service name for the Verifier Database.

4. Specify the maximum desired log size for the Central Server from the [Log Size] drop-down list.

5. Leave the default setting for [Miss Prevention Timer].

6. Specify the desired setting regarding quick verification.

6-1 Setting: Every time of removed feeder, description: This specifies that a quick verify check of a feeder and the parts must be performed before the feeder is set in the machine. This is required even if an ID (relationship) between the feeder and parts already exists.

6-2 Setting: Normal, description: This specifies that a quick verify is not required before a feeder is set in the machine, however an ID (relationship) between the feeder and parts set on the feeder must exist.

7. Specify the name of the computer running the Fuji Flexa User Server in the [Flexa PC Hostname] text box.

8. Click [OK] and the dialog box closes.

9. Reboot the computer to enable the new settings.