2. Mounting Failures in LEDs with a Lens by NICHIA

SMT LED Light Emitting Diode Vacuum Nozzles Is The Key Items To Help Reduce Mis-Pick Rates

Many LEDs with a lens have been developed for higher performance. Such lenses are mostly made of resin; when external stress is applied to the lens, some are susceptible to damage, leading to abnormal optical characteristics, and others are susceptible to wire breakage, leading to abnormal electrical characteristics.

Therefore, applying external stress to the lens has to be avoided as much as possible.

Moreover, the contact area of a pick-and-place nozzle and the lens is limited by the presence of the lens, which sometimes causes air leak, resulting in absorption error.

Problem 1: Damage to the lens during the mounting process

Problem 2: Absorption error due to air leak

An LED lens sometimes sticks to the top cover tape due to the resin’s adhesive property, resulting in LED tilting within the cavity.

Also, the center of gravity of an LED with a lens is located higher. When the emboss carrier tape is exposed to an excessive vibration, the LED may be tilted within the cavity.

Problem 3: LED tilting within the cavity due to its adhesion to the top cover tape

Problem 4: LED tilting within the cavity due to vibration of the emboss carrier tape

Please refer to the following sheets for the countermeasures against Problems 1 to 4.