Head Assembly – A of Required Materials for Head Module on Samsung SM321

#1-A P/N: J9080823A, Part Name: Z1 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD026
#1-B P/N: J9080824A, Part Name: Z2 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD027
#1-C P/N: J9080825A, Part Name: Z3 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD028
#1-D P/N: J9080826A, Part Name: Z4 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD029
#1-E P/N: J9080827A, Part Name: Z5 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD030
#1-F P/N: J9080828A, Part Name: Z6 MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD031
#2 P/N: J7055656A, Part Name: Z-TENSION BRACKET, Qty: 6, Type: J7255082A
#3 P/N: J7155518A, Part Name: PULLEY (Z-AXIS 1), Qty: 6
#4 P/N: J3212048A, Part Name: MICRO PHOTO SENSOR, Qty: 6, Type: PM-U24
#5 P/N: J7155541A, Part Name: PIN, Qty: 12
#6 P/N: J7155511A, Part Name: STOPPER, Qty: 12
#7 P/N: J6602076A, Part Name: TIMING BELT, Qty: 6, Type: 384-1.5GT-9
#8 P/N: J6601140A, Part Name: BALL BEARING, Qty: 12, Type: MR684ZZ
#9 P/N: J7155565A, Part Name: PULLEY (Z-AXIS 2), Qty: 6, Type: J7155519A
#10 P/N: J7055658A, Part Name: PULLEY PIN Qty:6, Type: J7055550A
#11 P/N: J6607055A, Part Name: LM GUIDE, Qty: 6, Type: LWLG7C1R140BT1H
#12 P/N: J7055552A, Part Name: SENSOR BRACKET R-H, Qty: 3
#13 P/N: J3212027A, Part Name: MICRO PHOTO SENSOR, Qty: 3, Type: PM-L24
#14 P/N: J6711180B, Part Name: ROTARY JOINT Qty:3 , Type: RC3-M5M-STN
#15 P/N: J7155509A, Part Name: SPLINE ALIGNER CAP, Qty: 6
#16 P/N: J7155510A, Part Name: JOINT, Qty: 6
#17 P/N: J604900055Part Name: 0 WASHER WAVY 0.62OD*0.48ID*0.095HGT, Qty: 6, Type: SSR-0062
#18 P/N: J6601088A, Part Name: BALL BEARING, Qty: 12, Type: 605ZZ
#19 P/N: J7055554A, Part Name: SPACER, Qty: 6
#20 P/N: J7055545B, Part Name: SPLINE ALIGNER, Qty: 6
#21 P/N: J7155508A, Part Name: SLIDE BODY, Qty: 6
#22 P/N: J7055548A, Part Name: SPRING, Qty: 6
#23 P/N: J7155512A, Part Name: SENSOR DOG, Qty: 6
#24 P/N: J70551002, Part Name: BELT CLAMP 2, Qty: 6, Type: J7055547A
#25 P/N: J70551001, Part Name: BELT CLAMP 1, Qty: 6, Type: J7055546A
#26 P/N: J7055542C, Part Name: BALL SPLINE, Qty: 6
#27 P/N: J7155566A, Part Name: SIDE TIE MOUNT, Qty: 3
#28 P/N: J7155513B, Part Name: SENSOR DOG-R, Qty: 3
#29 P/N: J90551007A, Part Name: SPLINE HOUSING ASS’Y, Qty: 6, Type: J9053334A
#30 P/N: J7055659A, Part Name: PLATE 6 Type:, Qty: J7055549B
#31 P/N: J7155520A, Part Name: PULLEY (R-AXIS 1), Qty: 6, Type: J7155520A
#32 P/N: J9055209A, Part Name: COMMON NOZZLE HOLDER ASSY, Qty: 6, Type: J9055352A
#32-A P/N: J7055431B, Part Name: NOZZLE HOLDER, Qty: 1, Type: J7055553A
#32-B P/N: J7055140A, Part Name: STEEL BALL, Qty: 3, Type: DIA2, SUS304
#32-C P/N: J7255021B, Part Name: SILICON TUBE(BLACK), Qty: 1, Type: SA0705-100B
#33 P/N:J6602077A, Part Name: TIMING BELT, Qty: 3, Type: 236-2GT-4
#34 P/N:J7155521B, Part Name: PULLEY (R-AXIS 2), Qty: 3
#35 P/N:J7055655A, Part Name: THETA MOTOR PLATE, Qty: 1
#36 P/N:J7255083A, Part Name: THETA MOTOR ISOLATOR, Qty: 3
#37-A P/N:J9083190A Part Name:R12_MOTOR_CABLE_ASSY, Qty: 3, Type: SM21-MD038
#37-B P/N:J90831009A, Part Name: R34_MOTOR_CABLE_ASSY, Qty: 3, Type: SM21-MD039
#37-C P/N:J90831010A, Part Name: R56_MOTOR_CABLE_ASSY, Qty: 3, Type: SM21-MD040
#38 P/N: J9083184A, Part Name: R HOME SENSOR CABLE ASSY, Qty: 1, Type: SM21-HD013
#39 P/N: J7055663A, Part Name: SENSOR BRACKET R-M, Qty: 1, Type: J7055551A
#40 P/N: J9080829A, Part Name: SWING MOTOR CABLE ASS’Y, Type: SM_MD032
#41 P/N: J7255081A, Part Name: MIRROR MOTOR ISOLATOR, Qty: 1
#42 P/N: J7155524A, Part Name: MIRROR MOTOR BRACKET, Qty: 1
#43 P/N: J7155523A, Part Name: PULLEY (S-AXIS 2), Qty: 1
#44 P/N: J6602078A, Part Name: TIMING BELT, Qty: 1, Type: 255-3GT-6
#45 P/N: J7155516A, Part Name: FIDUCIAL CAMERA BRACKET, Qty: 1
#46 P/N: J7155517A, Part Name: FIDUCIAL CAMERA CLAMP, Qty: 1
#47 P/N: J7152557A, Part Name: CAMERA CABLE HOLDER, Qty: 1, Type: J7155542A
#48 P/N: J6751014A, Part Name: CCD CAMERA, Qty: 1, Type: XC-ES50
#49 P/N: J90591004A, Part Name: F-MOVING 12058 LENS ASS’Y, Qty: 1, Type: J9059140A
#50 P/N: J9060357B, Part Name: HEAD OUTER LED BOARD ASSY, Qty: 1, Type: REV 1.1
#51 P/N: J9055357A, Part Name: PULLEY ASSY(Z-AXIS 2), Qty: 1
Head Assembly - A of Required Materials for Head Head Module on Samsung SM321