Option Parts of Panasonic NPM-TT Production Modular

Model No. NM-EJM3D

Dual Conveyor

P/N: N610136587AA | Dual Conveyor:NPM-TT

P/N: N610136588AA | Board Holder For Dual:NPM-TT

P/N: N610136590AA | Board Support Block For Dual:NPM-TT

P/N: N610137921AA | Board Support Pin

P/N: N610138242AA | Attachment(Dual Conveyor):NPM-TT

P/N: N610136589AA | Board Support Block For Single:NPM-TT

P/N: N610147828AA | Support Pin Setting Jig(Dual):NPM-TT

P/N: N610137152AA | Extension Conveyor(Dual):NPM-TT

P/N: N610138133AA | Label(Extension Conveyor (Dual)):NPM-TT

P/N: N610138243AA | Attachment(Extension Conveyor(Dual)):NPM-TT

Tray feeder support unit

P/N: N610136572AA | Single Tray Feeder Connecting Unit:NPM-TT

P/N: N610144027AA | Single Tray Feeder Connecting Unit:NPM- TT

Tray feeder

P/N: N610074920AA | Tray Feeder Main Body :NPM

P/N: N610069932AA | Tray Feeder Lift Section:NPM

P/N: N610069934AA | Tray Feeder Drawing-out Section:NPM

P/N: N610085231AA | Label(Tray Feeder Unit):NPM

P/N: N610104466AA | Attachment(Tray Feeder):NPM

P/N: N610026559AA | Multi-Step Tray Magazine (15PX10 Steps)

P/N: N610026560AA | Multi-Step Tray Pallet:DT50S-20

P/N: N610049623AA | Pallet for Vacuum-Formed Tray:DT50S-20

P/N: KXFX03L0A00 | Chip Discharge Tray


P/N: N610070389AD | Tray Feeder Wiring:NPM

P/N: N610067177AD | Tray Feeder BOX:NPM

13-Slot Supply Part

P/N: N610142179AA | Whole Cover(For Tray feeder):NPM-TT

P/N: N610142451AA | Feeder Table Cover(13-Slot Supply Unit):NPM-TT

P/N: N610138401AA | Label(Feeder Table Cover):NPM-TT

P/N: N610121411AA | 13-Slot Supply Cutting Part:NPM-W

P/N: N610136570AA | 13-Slot Supply Part:NPM-TT

P/N: N610124211AA | 13-Slot Supply Reel Holder Part:NPM-W

P/N: N610136571AA | 13-Slot Supply Connection Part:NPM-TT

P/N: N610138135AA | Label(13-Slot Supply Unit):NPM-TT

P/N: N610135244AA | 13-Slot Supply Part Wiring:NPM-TT

8 Nozzle head

P/N: N610157742AA | 8 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM

P/N: N610066303AA | 8 NOZZLE HEAD (H):NPM

P/N: N610104460AA | Attachment(8 Nozzle Head):NPM

3 Nozzle head

P/N: N610157754AA | 3 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM-W

P/N: N610119855AA | Attachment(3 Nozzle Head):NPM-W

P/N: N610117728AA | 3 NOZZLE HEAD:NPM-W

Nozzle Changer

P/N: N610162467AA | Nozzle Changer Unit(8 Nozzle Head):NPM

P/N: N610119859AA | Nozzle Changer Unit(3 Nozzle Head):NPM-W

Line Camera, LED Side Illumination, 3D Sensor and Hight Sensor Unit

P/N: N610146045AA | Line Camera 2 Unit:NPM

P/N: N610067531AB | LED-LIT-194NP/LED Side Illumination

P/N: N610059200AB | 3D Sensor Unit:NPM

P/N: N610112849AA | Hight Sensor Unit:NPM-D

Component eject conveyor

P/N: N610090811AA | Component Eject Conveyor:NPM

P/N: N610090813AA | Component Eject Conveyor(H):NPM

P/N: N610090812AA | Label(Component Eject Conveyor):NPM

Multifunctional Transfer Unit



P/N: N610105847AA | SCRAPER

Calibration jig

P/N: N610081724AA | Standard Calibration Jig Kit:NPM

P/N: N610102523AA | Standard Calibration Jig Case:NPM

P/N: N610131603AA | Machine Adjustment Jig Kit(Common Set):NPM

P/N: N610112814AB | XY Plane Calibration Jig:NPM-D

P/N: N610133833AA | Machine Adjustment Jig Case:NPM

P/N: N610081725AA | Accuracy Verification Jig Kit:NPM

P/N: N610102525AB | Accuracy Verification Jig Case:NPM

P/N: N610102524AA | Pick-Up Height Teach Jig Case:NPM

Option / Wired Handy Scanner Unit / Option

P/N: N610072046AA | GAUGE 0-250micro/scale10micro

P/N: N610072047AA | GAUGE 0-500micro/scale20micro


P/N: N610126470AA | Lubrication Set

P/N: N610105662AA | Attachment Case

P/N: N610124224AA | Head Stand(2Head):NPM-W

P/N: N610008706AA | Nozzle Case:High-Speed Type

P/N: N610087275AA | Nozzle Case:Multi-Function Head

P/N: KXFX03XTA00 | Splicing Jig Cart

P/N: KXFX037PA00 | Feeder Stand:FA Type

P/N: N610102613AA | Feeder Set Jig

P/N: N610088306AA | Transport Line 950mm Support:NPM

P/N: N610085234AA | Transport Line 930mm Support:NPM

P/N: N610128856AA | Head Case:NPM

P/N: N610129645AA | 3D Case:NPM

P/N: N610101135AB | Wired Handy Scanner:NPM

P/N: N610142204AA | Wired Handy Scanner Putting Stand:NPM-TT

P/N: N610080806AB | FA PC kit

P/N: N610131666AA | HUB kit

P/N: N610101859AA | Power Supply Unit Cable Set(Feeder/Cart)

P/N: N610165688AA | Safety standard-compatible (NFPA79: for the US / Canada) kit

Support Pin Automatic Change Unit

P/N: N610144626AA | Support Pin Automatic Change Unit:NPM-TT

Feeder cart

P/N: N610060938AA | Feeder Cart(17 Rows):NPM

P/N: N610073094AA | Cutting Unit:NPM

P/N: N610084837AA | Label(Feeder Cart(17 Rows)):NPM

P/N: N610065247AA | Feeder Cart(17 Rows)(H):NPM

P/N: N610104458AA | Attachment(Feeder Cart):NPM

Feeder cart unit

P/N: N610136791AA | Feeder cart drive unit:NPM-TT

P/N: N610073130AA | Feeder cart support(front side):NPM

P/N: N610090796AA | Coupler Extension Part:NPM

P/N: N610101773AA | Label(Coupler Extension Unit):NPM

P/N: N610143766AA | Feeder Table Cover(Feeder Cart):NPM-TT

P/N: N610143851AA | Label(Feeder Table Cover):NPM-TT

P/N: N610144460AA | Connecting Cover Tray:NPM-TT

P/N: N610069446AA | Air supply unit(feeder cart):NPM

P/N: N610087975AA | Transport Line 950mm Support Kit for Feeder Cart:NPM

P/N: N610087974AA | Transport Line 930mm Support Kit for Feeder Cart:NPM

Headless Attachmentt Unit

P/N: N610157969AB | Headless Attachment:NPM-D2

Offline Camera Unit

P/N: N610124456AC | Main Body Kit

P/N: N610124455AC | Parts Stage Kit

P/N: N610124454AB | Whole Cover Kit

P/N: N610133439AC | LABEL ASSY

P/N: N610133688AA | Attachment:Offline Camera Unit

P/N: N610146045AA | Line Camera 2 Unit:NPM

P/N: N610067531AB | LED-LIT-194NP/LED Side Illumination

P/N: N610123270AD | Offline Camera Unit (H)

P/N: N610130076AA | CPU BOX&Wiring:Offline Camera Unit