Z Amplifier Troubleshooting Chart of Speedline MPM AccuFlex Screen Printer

#1. ED: At | EM: Amplifier over-temp fault. | WTC: Check amplifier

#2. ED: bF | EM: Output is disabled due to under voltage or over voltage condition. | WTC: Possible issue: Regen Resistor, check X77-FU1/X77-R1

#3. ED: CF | EM: Configuration fault. | WTC: Programming of Pac Sci unit

#4. ED: d | EM: disabled (normal display – not an error condition)

#5. ED: E | EM: Enabled (normal display – not an error condition)

#6. ED: FE | EM: Following error. | WTC: Excessive load on table?

#7. ED: FL | EM: Feedback loss. | WTC: Check Resolver cable from X77-J3 to motor

#8. ED: Ot | EM: Over temp motor fault. | WTC: Check motor

#9. ED: P | EM: Pause input is active. | WTC: Check wiring to X77-J1

#10. ED: Os | EM: Over speed fault. | WTC: Check resolver wiring

#11. ED: SC | EM: Short circuit fault. | WTC: Check wiring to amplifier – all connections!


1. Error Displayed = EDA

2. Error Meaning = EM

3. What to Check = WTC

4. If Blank display means no power – Pac Sci should be off with system power is off, check X77 Contacter for 24vDC at A1 and A2.