VME System Controller (J1) on CPU2 Motorola MVME162P-344SE Yamaha Hitachi Sanyo 6300901030

VME System Controller J1 on Motorola MVME162P4 Board

The MVME162P4 board is factory-configured in “automatic” system controller mode with a jumper across J1 pins 2-3. In this configuration, the MVME162P4 determines whether it is the system controller by its position on the bus. If the board is located in the first slot from the left, it configures itself as the system controller. When the board is operating as system controller, the SCON LED is turned on.

If you want the MVME162P4 to function as system controller in all cases, move the jumper to pins 1-2. If the MVME162P4 is not to be system controller under any circumstances, remove the jumper from J1. Note On MVME162P4 boards without the optional VMEbus interface (i.e., with no VMEchip2 ASIC), the jumper may be installed or removed with no effect on normal operation.

P.S. Motorola MVME162P-344SE CPU2 is used on Yamaha Hitachi Sanyo TCM-X100 Universal UIC HSP-4967 P/N: 6300901030