Starting By Manually Entering Sequence Data on FUJI NXT Scalable Placement Platform

If no outside data files are available, it is possible to create a job completely through data entry. Follow the roadmap below to create a basic job through manual data entry. Generating recipes is not necessary for the NXT unless one wants to view reports.

1. Create a job manually.

2. Add a line to the job.

3. Enter the machine configuration and process data. (NXT)

4. Enter auto backup pin data. (NXT, only for equipped machines)

5. Import part data into the job or create part data in the job. (NXT)

6. Add parts.

7. Import mark data into the job or create mark data in the job.

8. Create mark sequences.

9. Assign marks to machines.

10.Panelize the panel (Panel Management).

11.Line balance the work load. (NXT)

12.Optimize the job. (NXT)

13.Generate reports. (NXT)