Machine Programming Introduction of DEK 265 GSX Lt Screen Printer

STAGE 1: Power Up and Log On

STAGE 2A: Loading a Product File – Using Function Keys

STAGE 2B: Loading a Product File – Using Bar Code

STAGE 3: Editing a Product File

STAGE 4A: Fit Squeegees

STAGE 4B: ProFlow Setup

STAGE 5A: GSX – Loading a Screen

STAGE 5B: Lt – Loading a Screen

STAGE 6A: Tooling Setup – Magnetic Pillars

STAGE 6B: Tooling Setup – Vacuum

STAGE 6C: Tooling Setup – Dedicated Tooling System

STAGE 6D: Tooling Setup – MultiFlex

STAGE 6E: Tooling Setup – AutoFlex

STAGE 6F: Tooling Setup – Fine Pitch AutoFlex

STAGE 7: Vision System Setup

STAGE 8: Load Paste Run a Product in Step Mode

STAGE 9: 2Di Setup

STAGE 10: Running a Product in Run Mode