Handling of Panasonic CM602-L linear motors

Panasonic CM602-L modular high speed placement machine uses linear motors for driving along its X- and Y-axes. Since extremely powerful permanent magnets are used in the linear motors, wrong handling can beextremely dangerous even if the power supply is in the OFF (O) state.

In working inside the safety covers (e.g. in maintenance), follow the rules below.
1. Those who wear pacemakers must not work inside the safety covers.
2. In working, do not wear any metals such as watches, pierced earrings, and necklaces.
3. Since the movers of linear motors become hot (80°C under 25°C environment,90°C under 35°C environment), take care not to suffer burns. After shutdown, it may be three hours or more before they reach room temperature.
4. Keep magnetic bodies such as iron (e.g. tools, jigs, and bolts) 40 mm away from the linear motors. Depending on the shapes of magnetic bodies, they may not be able to be detached from each other. Such as small chip components can be removed by hand. (There is no problem if you touch the permanent magnets with bare hands.)
5. Keep watches, cellular phones, and magnetic cards 40 mm away from the linear motors. These devices may become broken. As for magnetic cards, data may become corrupted.
6. Do not disassemble the linear motors. Since the attractive power of the stators (the magnets) is extremely powerful, disassembling them can be extremely dangerous.