Functional Description, Procedures, Adjustments and Operation of UIC 8mm SMT Feeder DL-60 (Gold Plus)

Functional Description

The 8mm High Performance DL-60 (Gold Plus) feeder advances components from dual Reel Holders to the Peel Edge on the Window where the ylar (cover) tape is removed.
The components are then advanced to the feeder pickup position where they wait for pickup by the machine.

Procedures and Adjustments

The subsections that follow contain the procedures required for proper feeder operation.

Theory of Operation / Sequence of Events

Power is supplied to the feeder from the feeder interface through the Pogo Block’s two (2) bottom pins. At power-up, the feeder’s Controller Board activates the Control Panel, which is verified by the illumination of the Status Light. In this “ready” mode, the feeder stands idle waiting for a signal from the placement machine to advance. The signal is supplied through the top two (2) pins of the Pogo Block. After the signal is sent by the placement machine, the feeder indexes with the following operational sequences:

The feeder’s Drive Motor is activated for component tape advancement.
The Drive Motor engages a series of gears that advance the component tape as well as peeling the Mylar cover tape.
The peeled Mylar cover tape causes the tension sensor to trip.
The Reservoir Drive system activates, taking up the slack Mylar cover tape.
The Slot Sensor, in combination with the Toothplate, verifies proper tape index and positioning.
The feeder’s carrier tape and cover tape Drive Motors shut off.
The feeder signals the placement machine that the feeder index is complete.
The feeder waits for the next index signal, which is sent after a component has been picked.